Medical Equipments Loan

When a Doctor jumps toward his career practice, to open a Clinic or Hospital, then there are many steps in the Medical profession to purchase Medical Equipment. All Medical Equipment is much expensive. Normal income can’t realize about buy Equipment .when, you can’t manage you all income sources. When, you have a necessary large amount of money to continue your plan. Amba Finance Companyprovides you casualty to make it carry on. You can take advantage of the provided facilities ofAmba Finance Company . You would like to prefer MEDICAL EQ


Candidate should be 25 plus years. You should have valid Degree from any reputed Medical Institution. If you don’t feel comfortable with an unsecured loan rate of interest, then apply for a secured loan. There is available contented tenure for our Clients.


We provide you two types of Interest rate as observe your Economy balance. First one is lower interest rate with evaluating your qualities. The second one is the higher Interest rate, which requires collateral instead of the loan amount, which is secured loan. You can prefer for both loans as your comfort


There are many benefits to take this loan, where you can get your circumstances. When, you attain your circle of competence. You have to pay on time monthly EMI, then you feel more comfortable than to take relatives help. It is better to take a loan with your confidential influence. Just get ease procedure with us, and use benefits of MEDICAL EQ LOAN.

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