Chartered Accountant’s Loan


With high expenses, an Accountant needs massive amount of money. You can have some events and growth stages as time spending. An accountant requires amount in order to establish small business growth on the top, like staff management, purchase new assets, premises or accounting software and Computer. Some family issues overseas child’s Education, splendid wedding, foreign trips with family and medical emergency.


You should have practice certificate, age 25-55 years with well business strategy. You have to show your current salary slip. If you want to take other low rate of interest, you have to put up your nominated property as collateral.


We provide you minimum rate of interest, so you can easily manage your financial issue due to complicated situation. If you keep loan amount on the basis of your ability, rate of interest exist high. Otherwise you can take loan on the basis of your nominated property as collateral, so you can take low interest rate of loan.


All of the documentation emerges with us. Your subsequently business run on the growth of industry. You can take also addition benefits which are provided by Amba Finance Company. We provide you a chance to fly in the sky by your planning. You can accomplish your high dreams to get them.

Loan against Property for Chartered Accountants

Loan against property for Chartered Accountants up to Rs.35 lakh helps you meet major expenses like marriage, vacation, home renovation, child’s overseas education and more. You can enjoy major expenses.

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