BT & Topup Loan

Meanwhile, planning toward life, we get some barriers. During the period of A Loan refunds, we need more money to be conformity with hurdles. Indeed of already loan………. we need one more loan. There, Top- up loan is the best option, which you can use to fulfill your rising problems. Amba Finance Companys perceives and considers to solving your personal problem during LOAN paying. You can take advantage of Amba Finance Companys. You have to convert a home loan into the TOP-UP loan, just provide some legal proves from the bank. It exists with the Home loan.


It is no available for everyone, who has taken a Home Loan. That person can take advantage of the TOP-UP loan. We check your previous loan debt history and all the records. If it is satisfactory, we provide you this loan with charging processing fee applied home loan documents.


The interests rates are levied on TOP-UP Loan disburse a little upper than what you are funding for a Home loan recently. Applicant age should 25-65 years. Satisfactory repayment record should similar 1 year or more than it. There should not be taken another top-up loan.


Either TOP-UP loans are draw arrears or time of period 10-15 years. The tenure can change bank to bank. As per your convenience, you can use the benefits of it.


You can use this LOAN for many purposes for instance modification for home and fund to child’s overseas education, to spend marriage and foreign excursion, these are your perspectives.

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